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AS H A 2016 ASHA 50 61 2016 ASHA, along with its real estate coalition partners, is currently sharing with key tax writing committee member offices the results of the recent industry-commissioned tax research on depreciation and like-kind exchanges. This proactive lobbying campaign is intended to inform pol- icymakers before specific proposals are considered that may otherwise be harmful to seniors housing real estate assets and investment. n Labor Rules. Congressional hearings were held and legislation passed to stop implementation of two recent rules released by the Department of Labor (DOL). These rules would double the income threshold for purposes of overtime pay and significantly restrict an employer's access to counsel when seeking advice on union-organizing activities, known as the "persuader "rule. Through our business coa- lition, ASHA actively supported these efforts. Unfortunately, it is unlikely either of these issues will be enacted due to presidential veto. However, continued review of these rules by the courts and Congress is expected. ASHA drafted guidance on the overtime rule to aid member compliance obligations. n Senate Special Committee on Aging. ASHA engaged on a few issues before the Senate Special Committee on Aging. For example, we submitted a state- ment relative to an oversight hearing on person-centered care and made the follow- ing points: 1 Urged Congress to address the policy challenges associated with an aging population, specifically the expectation that demand for seniors housing will double by 2040; 2 Highlighted ASHA's participa- tion with the Center for Excellence in Assisted Living (CEAL) and its collaborative work with CMS to secure the development of new HCBS industry guidance; and 3 Promoted the Where You Live Matters website, ASHA's national consumer education initiative to help seniors, families, and other influencers better understand their ASHA is well-positioned to engage and secure favorable results on many of these issues. We are a highly respected organization with a strong track record of success. We are armed with solid industry research and have good relationships in Congress and in the agencies. The ProMatura Proof Positive Process ™ predicts demand and sales velocity for your proposed property or repositioning with greater precision than just penetration rate (rearview mirror) analysis. Call us and we'll show you your future. 800.201.1483 662.234.0158 FEASIBILITY "CONSUMER-VERIFIED DEMAND" RESEARCH CONSULTING Bobby Towery President Edie Smith Executive VP & Director of Research Bryon Cohron VP for Market Analysis WARNING: Feasibility estimates that rely solely on penetration rates may appear larger than they are

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