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AS H A 2016 ASHA 50 23 2016 accreditation measures operators according to best practice standards. In some states, holding the CARF accreditation results in fewer state surveys by regulators. We don't need more regulations as an industry. The industry cannot afford to have dysfunctional communities and management companies. I want this industry to be successful. First and foremost, responsibility lies with the operator and its commit- ment to deliver on a promise. Accreditation is another objec- tive view that serves to validate the competency of the operator. You wouldn't seek healthcare from a hospital that was not accredited. We simply need to hold ourselves to standards. It starts with the core competency of the operator. Q: What other issues does the industry face? Grust: Getting people to leave their homes and move into one of our communities is a challenge. Affordability is an important issue. We need to figure out ways to deliver more reasonably priced housing options for people who cannot afford five-star living. That's an industry-wide challenge. Technology will play a role and provide some solutions and efficien- cies. We also need to focus on the fact that social engagement is huge in terms of quality of life, and we need to compel people to recognize that reality. Consumers need to feel confident of their ability to age in place with dignity, and that there is opportunity to access a higher quality of life. This is going to require more than a sticks-and-bricks approach. That's where creating a culture that attracts engaged employees inspired to deliver on that promise every day is critical to our success. Q: How do you improve social engagement? Grust: An ambitious wellness program is important. It can take many different forms. We try to create a blueprint for wellness — an integrated, person-centered approach that focuses on the well being of each individual within a communal living environment. Maybe just having a good day is a reasonable goal for a resident. Wellness is driven by the residents' goals. We have trained our staff how to engage with residents. Then staffers can see the impact they have on the quality of life of residents. Q: How are changes in the health- care system impacting the industry? ABOUT SABRA ■ Operator-friendly focus coupled with extensive healthcare industry experience. ■ Vision to deliver a healthcare environment that suits the needs of today and tomorrow's senior housing and post acute residents and patients. ■ A goal to provide operators and developers structured capital solutions that fi t their individual needs. ■ Sabra, a premier capital partner for healthcare developers and operators. Sabra Health Care REIT, Inc. (888) 393-8248 PREMIER CAPITAL PARTNER FOR HEALTHCARE DEVELOPERS AND OPERATORS

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