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AS H A 50 74 2018 ASHA 50 2018 users. Interestingly, while we do have plenty of adult children who visit the site, the largest number of users are over age 65. Are you surprised by the gender breakdown? Grust: No, not one bit. Schless: I'm not either. Women make most senior living decisions. Are your members promoting the site and sharing it with others? Schless: It's an ongoing process for us. At the C-suite level, there is tremendous awareness and understanding of the importance of better-educated consumers. By the same token, we've met more resistance than perhaps one would have expected at other levels of the company. The reality, of course, is that a better educated consumer can be enormously helpful to everyone in the business. Where You Live Matters provides factual, unbiased, non-commercial information that helps empower the consumer to make decisions that are both emo- tional and complex. We have been using what we call an Ambassador program. We have over 200 Ambassadors with sales and marketing backgrounds who have signed up from different member companies to help us get the word out about Where You Live Matters. As we get more commu- nities loaded into the community search locator, it will help increase the awareness of the site. Grust: Where You Live Matters is an essential vehicle for consumer education and awareness. I believe it gives operators the opportunity to articulate why they have a commu- nity that the consumer should con- sider when exploring their options. Some operators in our industry have become reliant on paid refer- ral services, and unfortunately the consumer does not always get an appropriate or responsible referral. The consumers would be much better served if they accessed unbi- ased information that facilitates and empowers their decision-making. This is exactly what Where You Live Matters is all about. Industry pioneers recognized The inaugural class of the Senior Living Hall of Fame was honored during ASHA's 2018 Annual Meeting held Jan. 30–Feb. 2. What was the genesis of the Hall of Fame? Schless: The establishment of the Senior Living Hall of Fame was really the brainchild of former ASHA chairman John Rijos of Chicago Pacific Founders. John was watching the first NFL exhibition game of 2017 from Canton, Ohio, and it occurred to him that our profession should also have a Hall of Fame to recog- nize people whose contributions have helped advance senior living. John reached out to Larry Cohen of Capital Senior Living, who was serving as ASHA's chairman, and within a couple of weeks there was a consensus among the leadership that we should make this happen. For the first class of inductees, we recognized those individuals to whom we had previously given Lifetime Achievement Awards. The inaugural class included the late Bill Colson (Holiday Retirement Corp.), Stan Thurston (Life Care Services), Jim Moore (Moore Diversified Services), Bill Sheriff (Brookdale Senior Living) and Bill Kaplan (Senior Lifestyle). Additionally, we took the opportunity to induct the late Granger Cobb (Emeritus Senior Living) with the inaugural class. Granger had a lot of involvement with ASHA and NIC and had also been a chairman of ALFA. We then decided to follow the lead of the professional sports teams and created a selection committee for the next class of inductees that will include representatives from the major industry media sources, including Seniors Housing Business. Larry Cohen is chairing the selection committee and we have a process in place that allows us to select individ- uals who have made significant con- tributions to advancing our industry. Michael, what's your take on the Senior Living Hall of Fame? Grust: It's terrific not only to learn from the past, but also to get inspired from the past. The induct- ees have a legacy for us to reflect upon. What lessons can we learn from their approach to the industry? After that event, I flew home with Jim Moore on the same flight. I've known Jim for 30 years. He has worked for me. His intellectual approach to research has always been a big plus in a lot of devel- opments that I've done. Jim has an engineering background. His studies are a little more complex than most, but over the years his deep dive into a lot of different areas of the senior living space — who the consumers are and what motivates them — have provided great lessons for myself and countless others. When you talk about Bill Colson, certainly he provided the model for all of us on the service side. So, I think the Hall of Fame is an import- ant linkage. Mentoring the next generation of leaders Let's go to the other side of the age continuum. What's new with the Rising Leaders program? Schless: The Rising Leaders Program was also launched in 2016. It was offered as a complimentary benefit to our executive board level Interview with Grust and Schless

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