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2018 ASHA 50 73 AS H A 50 2018 June this year, we've had over 94,000 visits compared with around 40,000 visits during the same period a year ago. We've continued to invest in website content. That includes high-quality, unbiased editorial and video content for seniors and their families on a whole range of different topics. We definitely feel like we're starting to get some trac- tion with the Where You Live Matters program. Earlier this year, ASHA added a community locator tool to the site. Was that in response to queries from site users, or was that always part of the plan? Schless: This is more of a natural progression. We clearly have seniors and their families visiting the web- site. It only made sense to provide a vehicle for those who were inter- ested in actually looking at commu- nities. In April we added the search locator. Currently, we have over 1,600 communities loaded into the system. In all likelihood, it will prob- ably take us much of this year to get the properties that are owned and operated by our members loaded onto the site. Consumers are able to search in the U.S. and Canada by levels of care, address, state and zip code within a 100-mile radius. They are linked directly to the communi- ties' websites and are in a position from there to schedule visits or learn about the attributes of each commu- nity they are interested in. We've also added a blog called "Ageless Advice," which enables us to refresh the content at least twice a month. The blog is based on topics that our website visitors are most interested in. We continue to add editorial content, blog content, vid- eos and information graphics. We can see what pieces of Where You Live Matters are visited the most by consumers. In areas that are very highly trafficked, we've refreshed the site with new data. If you logged onto the site today for information on longevity, senior loneliness, the impact of loneliness on health or senior veterans' medical benefits, you would find the information is not the same as it was six months ago. Is there one element of the site that is the most popular? Schless: People are definitely interested in longevity and keys to a long life. After the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, we posted some information on the new tax bill and caregiving. That was very popular. By the way, the audience is approx- imately 89 percent female and 11 percent male. When we launched the site, most of us expected that the adult children would be the primary

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