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AS H A 50 58 2018 ASHA 50 2018 There continues to be no shortage of headline- making news, fake or otherwise, in Con- gress and the Trump administration these days. But most attention is turning to the fast-approaching midterm elections. There is much talk about whether the GOP will hold onto its majority-controlled House and Senate. Traditionally, in a midterm election the party in control of the White House loses approximately 30 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. It is not insignificant that at least 44 House Republicans have announced they are retiring, running for another office or resigning outright. Democrats will need to pick up 24 House seats, and absent Russian interference, most believe the Democrats are on track to win enough seats on Nov. 6 to take control in the next Congress. The U.S. Senate is a little trickier to predict given the larger number of seats the Demo- crats have to defend. As in any election, much of the outcome will depend on turnout. Voter enthusiasm is a reliable predictor of turnout, and to date it has been reported that enthusi- asm among Democrats is high. We'll see. We hope to not lose friends in the process, but regardless of the outcome, ASHA will continue to pursue an agenda that advances policies that strengthen our ability to serve seniors and their families in the best business environment possible. We will work to create awareness about issues not only at our door- step such as the workforce shortage, but also those on the horizon such as the challenges of long-term care financing. We will also continue to do our part to seek Washington Update ASHA members push for tax deductions on medical expenses and business interest, and get results. By Jeanne McGlynn Delgado, Vice President of Government Affairs, American Seniors Housing Association

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