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28 Seniors Housing Business n July 2018 Accelerating success. Colliers National Seniors Housing Group Our team understands how to successfully manage a seniors housing asset from contract to closing. Ken Carriero +1 727 450 6876 National Region Bob Gaines +1 215 928 7538 Mid-Atlantic Region Shane Harmon +1 858 677 5337 Southwest Region Damien Carriero +1 727 298 5304 Southeast Region Jeff Hyman +1 847 384 2827 Midwest Region Tim Dulany +1 602 222 5186 Southwest Region Call: +1 800 858 5904 ยง Email: Doug Brawn +1 310 321 1880 Pacific Region Marcus Van Ameringen +1 404 877 1099 Georgia Keith Summers +1 703 394 4851 DC Region Michael Liguori +1 407 843 6564 Central Florida Chris Barnet +1 972 759 7835 Southwest Region Christopher LoBello +1 702 836 3714 Rocky Mt. Region Elena Bakina +1 713 830 4008 Southwest Region Oliver Maron +1 208 472 2839 Northwest Region Jake Tucker +1 208 472 2846 Northwest Region Chris Kirwin +1 519 438 4300 Canada Eric Ortiz +1 916 563 3095 Northern California Reegan Cornwell +1 972 759 7865 Southwest Region role assisted living can play in the recovery process. "There's still a lot of misunderstanding about the well-being programs provided by assisted living," says Phaup. Best advice: Operators need to rethink their strategies in era of healthcare reform. Ocean Healthcare Network: Preferred Provider Ocean Healthcare Network increased its occupancies by becoming a preferred provider for area hospitals. Based in Lakewood, New Jersey, the company owns and operates 13 skilled nursing facilities, two assisted living prop- erties, a handful of other medical facilities, and a hospice service. RWJBarnabus Health, a large health system in New Jersey, cre- ated a post-acute provider net- work in 2017 in an effort to reduce hospital readmissions. Five of Ocean Healthcare's skilled facili- ties, located near the RWJBarna- bus hospitals, were selected to join the network after a screening and application process. "We had to present data on a whole array of measures," recalls Joe Kier- nan, chief strat- egy officer and senior vice presi- dent at Ocean Healthcare. Data included length of stay in the skilled facility, hospital readmis- sion rates, star ratings by the Cen- ters for Medicare & Medicaid Ser- vices (CMS), and quality measures for patient outcomes compared with state and national averages. "Data is what gets you in the door," says Kiernan. Clinical capabilities were also key, including special programs to handle patients with chronic conditions. The ability to admit patients around the clock was a big plus, says Kiernan. To address weaknesses, Ocean Healthcare provided a perfor- mance improvement program to show steps were being taken to meet higher standards. "Even if your data is not exactly where it needs to be, you have to demon- strate that you have the knowl- edge and capability to be a strong post-acute partner," he says. Occupancies at skilled nurs- ing facilities selected as preferred providers for the narrowed net- work increased because hospital referrals were made only to those buildings. Ocean Healthcare saw occupancies at its buildings in the network hit more than 90 percent within two months. RWJBarnabus operates a robust ACO, which also works with Ocean Healthcare. Monthly meet- ings include conversations about the referral of ACO patients directly to Ocean Healthcare facili- ties. "It's another layer of opportu- nity for us," says Kiernan. Ocean Healthcare is taking other steps to work with medical groups. Electronic medical records are used at all of the buildings. Ocean Healthcare has also intro- duced a disease management soft- ware program by COMS Interac- tive. It identifies which patients are at most risk of being readmit- ted to the hospital. Nurses and other care provid- ers are alerted which patients need immediate attention, or which ones need certain lab tests or other interventions. The system also allows managers to provide feed- back to frontline nurses and adjust clinical recommendations. Ocean Healthcare's assisted liv- ing buildings don't yet partici- pate in the hospital partnerships. "Those opportunities are coming," says Kiernan. He foresees a day when health systems recognize that assisted living can provide supervised care for less cost than that of other healthcare settings. "There are a lot of seniors living at home who do not have enough support for them to stay safe," emphasizes Kiernan, who recom- mends that assisted living provid- ers meet with hospital systems. "We have to position our service lines to meet the demands of the market." Best advice: Know what drives health system decisions, and strive to become a preferred provider. n The Road Home Program by Sunrise Senior Living gets elders ready to return home after a hospital or skilled nursing stay. Joe Kiernan Ocean Healthcare Network Jane Adler is a freelance reporter who has covered seniors housing for more than 10 years. She reports on the industry as well as consumer trends. About the writer

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