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JUL 2018

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Page 23 of 40 23 July 2018 n Seniors Housing Business Pat Byrne Pat Burke $5 BILLION IN SALES TRANSACTIONS 860 SOLD SENIOR HOUSING COMMUNITIES 1997-2018 Grant A. Kief, President (630) 858-2501 (314) 961-0070 Jason Punzel Matt Alley Jeff Binder Ryan Saul Jeff Clousing Nick Cacciabando Dan Geraghy Kyle Shoemaker Dan Piatkowski Brad Clousing Toby Siefert Dave Balow Brad Goodsell Our experts will help you get a "Top-of-the-Market" price for your Seniors Housing community. Teamwork = Results We have 17 seasoned professionals that are national experts in the Seniors Housing and the Affordable Housing market. Together we have over 175 years of experience. Contact us for a confi dential valuation of your Seniors Housing community. Vince Viverito Joe Young community, operators should offer useful content for their target audi- ence and let the customers dis- cover the community organically. Articles or white papers such as "Living with Memory Loss" or "Staying Fit Over 70" provide fresh, informative content of inter- est. This improves rankings in search engines and offers some- thing of value to the type of cus- tomer who may soon be looking for seniors housing. "A lot of communities don't understand that a digital lead is very different than a traditional advertising lead," says Mann. "You can't call or jump on them as soon as they click on something. They're saying, 'hey, treat me differently.'" A lead found digitally needs to be nourished carefully. By offer- ing something of value, operators can establish a relationship of trust and genuine interest, instead of jumping in with a sales pitch, says Mann. Once a lead is established, the best approach is to create a "kalei- doscope of touch points," accord- ing to Rob Adams, a senior vice president with Kansas City-based GlynnDevins. Adams was the founder of Brooks Adams, a seniors housing research firm that merged with GlynnDevins in 2016. Because of this background, he's a big believer in continuously updated data and analysis to make sure digital marketing campaigns are running as efficiently as possible. "What we're looking for is the right message at the right time in the right channel for the right per- son," says Adams. "Stop using the same message for everyone. Cus- tomize your message based on the individual and their behaviors." The information gathered is key to speaking to each lead. For example, the person who down- loaded the white paper on mem- ory loss almost certainly has some- one in their lives with memory challenges, and can be approached from that viewpoint. It all comes down to the data, says Adams. And that data should be always flowing, and frequently looked at. "The new paradigm is for real- time research, meaning you have your own database of residents, wait lists, leads, general popula- tion, etc., and that you're able to survey those individuals all of the time, not just once a year or every quarter," says Adams. "You need real-time research because that's speed at which our industry is changing." Adams suggests that a market- ing budget should be between 40 percent and 50 percent dedi- cated to digital tactics, whether the website, marketing automa- tion, pay-per-click advertising or the ever-important reputation management. Maintaining a reputation Regrettably for seniors housing operators, many people are going to use the web to complain about the communities. The result is a negative online reputation that can drive leads to competitors or away from seniors housing entirely. "Unfortunately, once it's online it never goes away. The most suc- cessful way to improve that situ- ation is to push negative content down," says Mann. "You have to keep adding valuable content and positive reviews that put your community in a much better light, and just keep piling it on." Negative reviews are especially concerning as online reputation becomes a bigger factor in search A Love & Company-designed "squeeze page" shows an example of how to get information on potential residents while offering something of value in return, in this case a white paper on wellness.

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