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AUG-SEP 2015

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Page 62 of 87 63 August-September 2015 n Seniors Housing Business INDEPENDATVe ™ The Future of Senior Technology is Here. IMPROVE YOUR INVESTMENT Top-line growth - accelerated occupancy ramp Bottom line benefts - staff effciencies Quality of life improvement - engaged residents Brand elevation - transformative amenity residents love...and use! FAMILY & COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Simplifed Video Chat | Photo & Message Sharing | Surveys Personalized Digital Signage | Personal & Community Calendars Dining Menus | Smart Reminders | Content Publishing Platform IT'S IN THE TV - SIMPLE & FAMILIAR! NO computers | NO tablets | NO passwords | NO virus scans NO software updates | NO input or channel to change | NO app deck to go to Nothing new to learn! s n d a r s f o r m MENUS SURVEYS CALENDARS CONTENT CONCIERGE PHOTOS CHAT VIDEO WWW.INDEPENDA.COM Promo Code: SHB50 $50 OFF YOUR ORDER Rated #1 in Senior Technology (800) 815-7829 HDTV at heart of strategy Independa takes a unique approach to RPM. The Inde- penda package integrates its vital signs monitoring devices into a resident's HDTV, sup- plied by Independa and manu- factured by LG, which becomes the devices' communications hub. And because the TV is the one product that the elderly keep on for long hours, it is an ideal communications device, able to display reminder notices to residents to take their medicine, ask them how they're feeling, and let them visually communicate with caregivers and medical personnel. The television can also help improve staff effcien- cies, Saneii believes. Given that a family can see directly how their loved one is doing, calls to assisted living support staff asking them to check in on their parent will decline. On-screen calendars can also help remind residents to attend an event for which they have signed up, without requiring staff to fetch people throughout the community. "For assisted living residents, most living takes place in their room," says Saneii. "And TV can keep them from going batty. As an assisted living community owner, I will sell more units if I have an amenity that sets me apart. This is one tool that can improve a resident's quality of life." Independa sells its product suite two ways: directly to the end user, as well as bulk sales to com- munities. For an individual, the price ranges from $1,300 to $1,800, depending on the size of the display, and includes a one-year subscription. Bulk sales to communities are dis- counted depending on volume. Monthly subscription fees can be passed on to the resident. Diferent strokes for diferent folks Still, the TV-as-hub approach promoted by Independa is eschewed by some of its com- petitors who think that it's much simpler to get residents and their living facilities involved if they take a platform-agnostic view. RPM companies that previ- ously required customers to buy their specifc monitoring hardware and communica- tion hubs are switching to the "bring your own device" model, whereby their RPM software will work with any piece of hardware that a resi- dent or community prefers to use — whether that's a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. "Eighteen months ago we decided we didn't want to be in the hardware business," says Karissa Price, chief marketing off- cer for Intel GE Care Innovations, headquartered in Roseville, Calif. Not only can one use any smartphone or tablet with Care Innovations' supplied monitoring products, but a community can also choose the monitoring devices it wishes to use, regardless of the manufacturer. Care Innovations has long been involved in the assisted living Care Innovations' HealthHarmony allows patients to track daily vitals information and transmit them to their physician, receive interactive education and connect to their healthcare provider via videoconferencing.

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